Robotics, Coding, Algorithms, Computational thinking....

These are all words spoken and commented on a lot lately. But what is the meaning of these words? 

Schools have to implement a new curriculum. Teachers are backing down. Foreign language? Foreign work? New things to learn and do in an already busy time at school?

GOOD NEWS! Everybody is already coding in everyday life! This is nothing new. A simple word to summarize all these "foreign" names is "step-by-step instructions". You do it in the morning; you follow it when you bake a cake or when you listen to a GPS giving directions!

Knowing that robotics is not something to be afraid of, we can give you more GOOD NEWS. We at TCR will guide you step-by-step to break down these barriers and make this opportunity something to actually look forward to!

Coding and Robotics may be a new curriculum for many teachers, but they same way that you teach a child to read or write, you will use to instruct a robot to move or to animate a picture or story.

Problem: How do you make coffee? First you will get a mug, then you will add some coffee and sugar. After this you will add the water and lastly comes the milk. There is a PATTERN in this "code"!

The same happens when you program a robot or code an app - block-by-block or step-by-step, following given patterns!

TCR have the support to take you on this journey into the fun world where you will see a robot completing a mission or where you will animate your name! Make it fun and things will happen!


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