What would we do without…A car… A phone…

Electrical gadgets…   Internet…  Time saving technology & inventions?

We would be stuck, highly frustrated and BORED.

Why? What happened? What has changed our lives these past few decades?



Trophy Robotics has a progressive range of activities for kids from the age of 6 years to students to introduce mechanics and robotics

The mission of our company is to inspire and motivate kids, create learning opportunities, and enlighten inquisitive minds.

We are a mobile company, giving robotics classes at various schools on a contractual base or in Vanderbijlpark as an extra-mural activity.

Although TCR was registered as a CC in 1999, we have been in business since 1997, giving computer and robotics classes to kids.

We have the following courses:


 Grades R-3  Grades 4+
LEGO -  SPIKE Essentials / We-Do  LEGO robotics - RCX, NXT, EV3, SPIKE Prime, 
 LEGO - mechanics  Micro:bit robotics - Maqueen robot
 Scratch Junior  Scratch 3.0



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