Business Buddies

We have decided to dedicate this part of our website to all our parents who owned a business. We will give you a free listing on the website and also a short description of your business. So the listing for your business is like your business card and we will link it for you to a page where you can describe what your business is all about. This can be the size of an A5 flier.

We hope to help our parents this way and create a community where we all can support each other. Just list your business here, even if it is an informal business. It does not matter to us. Be sure to have a look at our business buddy page and list your business there.

The format for listings is as follows: 1) a scanned copy or photo of your business card; 2) A single page MS Word document with all your details and if you want photo’s ( max 3) attach separately to the email; or a hyperlink to your own website.

Send the email to: