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Business Buddies

We have decided to dedicate this part of our website to all our parents who owned a business. We will give you a free listing on the website and also a short description of your business. So the listing for your business is like your business card and we will link it for you to a page where you can describe what your business is all about. This can be the size of an A5 flier.

We hope to help our parents this way and create a community where we all can support each other. Just list your business here, even if it is an informal business. It does not matter to us. Be sure to have a look at our business buddy page and list your business there.

The format for listings is as follows: 1) a scanned copy or photo of your business card; 2) A single page MS Word document with all your details and if you want photo’s ( max 3) attach separately to the email; or a hyperlink to your own website.

Send the email to:

Social Media

Be sure to check out our great YouTube channel. There you will find some really great videos to help you on your way to become a great engineer or roboticist. Don’t be shy. Support us on YouTube. Our channel name is TCR Designing and Creating.

We are constantly uploading new and useful videos on the channel. We also have a Rumble channel if you prefer to rather use Rumble. However, our primary channel is on YouTube. So if you like what you see on YouTube, then please consider to like and subscribe to our channel.

Our Facebook page is also a place to get relevant information and updates about our club and interesting robotics trends in the world. 

We hope to show you what your children are up to in our club on a regular basis.

Hello Roboticists

We are still updating our website. Please check back regularly to learn more about the awesome and fantastic things we do. Robotics for us, is definitely something amazing and we would love to have you join us and be part of our world of artificial intelligence, some intelligence and sometimes no intelligence at all, but still a great heap of fun for all of us.

So get ready for an awesome 2022 where we hope to wow everyone with the great work our club members are doing in learning about robots, designing robots and building their own great designs. We hope to see you all soon!