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“We’ve got to show kids that it’s more fun to design a video game than to play one.  Society will get what it celebrates–if we want to continually improve our quality of life, we need to show kids that scientists and engineers are the ones who make that happen.” Dean Kamen

TCR robotics classes for high school learners offer the following opportunities:

  1. Experience STEM in a fun way.
  2. Make better informed choices when choosing subjects at the end of gr 9.
  3. Design and build robotic projects to complete specific tasks by following the design process.
  4. Learn how to present their solutions.


The high school curriculum consists of the following:

We still teach programming and problem solving skills, but our focus now shifts towards solving more complex problems. On this level we want learners to imagine, design and build robots to accomplish specific tasks. We instruct a little bit and focus more on what is needed to solve a problem, where to search for solutions and how to integrate it into their own ideas.