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The primary focus of Trophy Robotics is: We learn through building and testing our ideas.

Learn by Doing: Learning becomes solidified when the content and pedagogy are authentic and relevant.  That is, in order for deep learning to occur, one must interact with the content and knowledge directly.  Makerspace allows this to occur for students, by making them the creators and designers of their own knowledge.  The same premise is applicable to educators.  Through experiencing the concept and content of a virtual makerspace as professional development, educators are deeply engaged with the framework and better able to envision this pedagogy at work in their own work environments. As we know, learning through design is the most effective way to learn and integrate new knowledge into current memory structures. Prof. Seymour Papert Technology Prof at MIT

Constructing, making things work and testing the results provide the perfect conditions for learning by experience. Knowledge acquired in this way is a key factor in  encouraging kids to continue along the path of discovery and exploration.

We have FUN challenges that stretch their skills to the limit until a problem is finally solved. Each rewarding success builds on the learner’s self-confidence and drive when moving on to the next phase of the learning process.

With our special equipment we give your child the ability to bring his most amazing ideas to life while learning technical vocabulary. Give your child the opportunity to investigate in this way and they’ll learn to relish new experiences and rise to every challenge!

The Grade R-3 curriculum are made up of the following components:

  • Grade R  – amaKhodi robotics
  • Grade 1-3   – LEGO Mechanics
  •  ClayTronics (Electronics)
  • Scratch Coding