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“Kids are learning things about real world physics. They can talk about circumference and diameter in math class, or about distance and time in science, but is doesn’t really come together until they try to make it work, because then all the physics come in.” Benjamin Erwin, Technology Teacher, Weston, MA

The world of tomorrow…?

New technologies are being introduced at an ever increasing rate. These new technologies will change our society in ways we can only imagine. How do we prepare our kids to meet tomorrow’s challenges?

New technology, robots and inventions are continuously appearing in the world around us. Kids want to know how these things work and what they can do to make it even better.

  1. Robotics teaches them the base principles of mechanics and helps them to investigate and understand the essentials of control technology.
  2. Robotics helps kids to develop the knowledge and skills needed in this 21st century, where we are surrounded by technological inventions.
  3. Robotics helps them to explore practical solutions to real world problems and by designing their own creations or solutions.

The Grade 4-7 curriculum are made up of the following components:

  1. LEGO RIS / NXT / EV3
  2. Micro:bit
  3. Artec Robo (KhodiBot)